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Explore how AI is transforming customer experience, from chatbots to analytics, and how businesses like yours can leverage AI with Awesome CX.

Customer Experience in the Age of AI

Explore how AI is transforming customer experience, from chatbots to analytics, and how businesses like yours can leverage AI with Awesome CX.

Customer experience is arguably the most important determining factor in whether a brand thrives in a competitive market. Now more than ever, brands are looking to innovate using tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to revamp and improve their CX processes across the board.

In fact, two-thirds of companies expect that AI will be a disruptive force in their industries within two years. At the same time, only a small percentage of those companies plan to use AI for CX actively. Today, let’s break down how artificial intelligence can revolutionize customer experience for your brand and how Awesome CX by Transcom already leverages AI for our clients.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Customer Experience?

Many types of AI tools and technologies are available, but conversational artificial intelligence (popularized by AIs like ChatGPT) is particularly important for customer experience use cases.

In a nutshell, conversational AI uses several types of AI technology, including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), to:

  • Provide quick, accurate answers to customer queries
  • Supplement customer experience specialist responses and assistance to clients
  • Escalate customer queries or concerns to the relevant specialist(s) and supervisor(s)
  • And more

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence can significantly improve CX across an organization’s operations. A powerful AI could:

  • Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Identify potential issues among future customers
  • Predict financial risks
  • Gather and analyze customer feedback

It’s easy to imagine that AI bots will eliminate the need for human CX specialists altogether, but nothing could be further from the truth. Human specialists will always be necessary to ensure appropriate empathy and to cross-check AI responses or suggestions.

As Transcom CEO Jonas Dahlberg explained, "We believe that AI has the potential to create a new superhuman customer experience. Providing a step-change in efficiency, availability, and quality. But also an experience more human than ever. And generating additional revenue and insights for businesses."

What Is the Impact of AI on Customer Interactions?

Though it is still in its early days, AI is already having a significant impact on customer interactions.

For example, AI can enable CX teams to gather insights based on customer feedback. By collecting and ingesting customer reviews, complaints, and other types of feedback, AI can powerfully analyze client sentiment, enabling brands to learn more about what their target audience members want or need from their products and services.

Furthermore, AI can provide fast, accurate responses to customer queries. Imagine a customer arriving on a website for the first time with a frequently asked question. Rather than waiting for a customer experience specialist, AI may be able to provide the correct answer to that question in no time at all.

By providing greater customer support availability and maximizing customer understanding, AI can improve CX, leading to greater customer loyalty, higher revenue, and improved brand success.

How Are Machine Learning Algorithms Transforming Customer Interactions?

Machine learning algorithms are the key to AI’s functionality in customer experience. Machine learning algorithms are essentially complex programming algorithms that let machines "learn" by analyzing patterns of data. Sophisticated algorithms enable AI tools to improve their own performances over time by implementing insights from those analyses.

For example, an AI tool may analyze thousands of customer interactions across demographics, then use that information to determine:

  • The ideal greeting
  • What to say in response to certain queries or customer entries
  • And more

Can Predictive AI Tools Provide Personalized Customer Experiences?

Don’t make the same mistake several other brands have made and assume that predictive AI tools can offer the personalization modern consumers crave.

It’s true that the use of AI lets your brand provide more personalized experiences than ever, whether in the form of product recommendations, pointing customers toward relevant content, or just providing the answers they need when they need them.

By harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms, AI tools can look at historical data or requests from certain customers, then leverage that information to:

  • Greet customers by their first names
  • Provide specialized offers or discounts for customers based on past buying behavior
  • Recommend unique approaches based on a customer’s interactions, mood, and comments
  • And beyond

In the long run, predictive AI tools will become so good at customer interactions that many shoppers won't be able to easily tell whether they are speaking to an AI chat tool or to a human being. This won’t be a bad thing! All it means is that your brand will have many more happy, satisfied customers than before (and your profitability will improve).

Are Chatbots and Virtual Assistants the Future of Customer Support?

In many ways, generative AI chatbots and virtual assistants are likely to be key elements of customer support in the future. As conversational AI tools, they will provide additional “manpower” and support for CX specialists and customer support departments alike.

However, they will not replace customer support specialists entirely. Empathetic human specialists will always be necessary to provide custom-tailored, humanized support to your brand’s customers.

That said, conversational AI tools may provide you with great efficiencies for your CX operations. For example, by supplementing the need for human customer experience specialists to answer FAQs, you can have support specialists focusing on more complex, important customer concerns and escalations.

Awesome CX and the Future of Customer Support

Given the importance of AI to customer experience, it’s a good idea only to partner with CX experts who already know how to expertly leverage AI tools. When you partner with Awesome CX for customer experience, we’ll offer a few different solution delivery methods.

Co-Pilot Solutions

Awesome CX’s co-pilot solution enables agents with the tools needed to meet the needs of your customers in the most efficient way possible. Our co-pilot solution will reduce specialists need to spend time on monotonous tasks by providing them with information to quickly solve problems while providing customers with the human attention they need and deserve.

When you leverage AI this way, you’ll improve customer retention since your customers will feel heard and like they received a personalized experience. It’ll also empower your CX specialists with the tools they need for stronger decision-making. Implementing our co-pilot solution could be the best way to revolutionize and significantly improve your customer support processes.

Translation Services

Global brands with customers who speak many different languages can often benefit from our translation services. Awesome CX will provide real-time messaging support and translation assistance for customer engagements in a variety of languages.

In this way, customers who speak different languages from your own will still receive the personalized human interaction they deserve and need to cultivate loyalty to your brand. This kind of attention will have ancillary benefits as well, including:

  • Improved reviews
  • Better word-of-mouth for your brand
  • Increase conversion rates from people around the world or in countries outside of your base of operations

Interaction Analytics and Beyond

Finally, the team at Awesome CX will offer comprehensive, detailed interaction data analytics. In this way, we’ll assist in generating data-driven insights into customer behavior, using customer data from your brand to:

  • What a customer needs from your brand above all else
  • What the most common pain points are for your customers at every stage of the customer journey (e.g., first arrival at your website, looking into your products, making a purchase, etc.)
  • What you can do to improve conversion rate and maximize revenue in the short or long terms

Information is power, and our interaction analytics service will help you capture more information over time. In the long run, this can help your business scale faster and more successfully than you ever imagined.

How Awesome CX Is Reshaping the Customer Experience

Ultimately, it’s crucial for your brand to lean into AI tools and technologies instead of leaning away from them. These developments will disrupt your industry, so it only makes sense to leverage those tools as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, partnering with Awesome CX will let you do just that. Our knowledgeable team can get started by using our AI technologies to improve your brand's customer experience — whether that takes the form of website improvements, marketing help, or customer support assistance — and ensuring that you know how to use the most effective modern AI tools to your advantage.

Contact Awesome CX today to get started.


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