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Partnership announcement! Explore the future of customer-centric innovation with Netomi AI in our latest press release.


Let us be your AI-powered travel advisors.

Trust us to elevate your traveler and customer support experience with seamlessly integrated Gen AI-powered digital services. Our advanced technology is proven to efficiently handle both ticket or case management issues to help you focus on what you do best – provide better service experiences for your travelers. We are committed to deliver unparalleled support in the ever-evolving landscape of travel industry services.

Take your traveler’s experience to new heights.

AI implementation in the travel industry demands swift transformation that is price competitive due to tight operating margins. This can be achieved through reduced labor costs, accelerated agent learning and optimized travel workflow mapping. This streamlined approach not only minimizes training periods for travel programs but also elevates traveler satisfaction and NPS scores. With analytics across traveler engagement interactions both before, during and after their trip which provides deeper insights; companies and brands can make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement towards the traveler’s experience.

We unlock AI-Powered solutions to revolutionize travel experiences.

We specialize in AI-powered digital services, offering true omnichannel experiences for customers and travelers across both traditional and digital contact channels. Our solutions emphasizes strengthened automation, ensuring greater operational efficiencies and elevated traveler engagement interactions. Our cutting-edge AI powered solutions provides comprehensive automation that integrates with your current technology ecosystems, and that aligns seamlessly with the greater demands and service expectations of the modern traveler.


Soaring Traveler Experience

In the travel industry, Gen AI emerges as a pivotal asset for agents, streamlining intricate tasks encompassing booking, cancellations, loyalty programs, and regulatory compliance. By harnessing automation, agents ensure precision and expedite assistance, enhancing traveler contentment and NPS scores. Moreover, analytics furnish actionable insights, fostering continual enhancement within the dynamic realm of travel services. Neglecting a traveler’s call risks forsaking revenue opportunities, whether for seat upgrades, luggage allowances, Wi-Fi access, or extra legroom, underscoring the importance of responsive customer service.

Automated Translation

In the dynamic landscape of the travel industry, our automated translation solution revolutionizes customer experience. Through live real-time AI translation for both voice and text, we seamlessly bridge language barriers, ensuring travelers receive enhanced support and information 24/7. Our cutting-edge technology not only facilitates smooth communication in a traveler’s native language, but also enriches traveler engagement interactions, providing a level of support that goes beyond expectations, making the travel experience more accessible and enjoyable for every individual.


Training & Implementation

We prioritize streamlined AI implementation and support agent learning to drive service excellence in the travel industry. By leveraging AI, we reduce travel agent training times during program implementation by up to 50% of the traditional time period that you currently experience. Through simulated conversational AI training, we ensure operational efficiency and empowering agents with the skills to offer white-glove traveler service. Our focus on continuous learning and refresher training ensures a seamless experience for agents and travelers in a dynamic travel landscape.