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Partnership announcement! Explore the future of customer-centric innovation with Netomi AI in our latest press release.


AI in Customer Experience The future is hybrid

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game for customer experience and Awesome CX is paving the way with partner, Netomi AI, to revolutionize the way that customers engage with brands.

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Netomi AI is the leader in Artificial Intelligence technology for the customer experience industry. Having invented Sanctioned Generative AI, Netomi AI takes Large Language Model technology to the next level to ensure brand safety. Helping both customers and Awesome agents, the technology is revolutionizing the customer experience ushering in a new level of efficiency. Netomi AI works with global, industry-leading brands to elevate their mission-critical CX processes through proactive and predictive automation, and context-driven and integrated agent assistance.

“For Netomi AI, it was imperative to find a partner who shares our commitment to innovation, adeptness in adopting technology, and a relentless focus on exceeding client expectations. Awesome CX has built their business around the same values, and we’re thrilled to work together to empower their agents with Netomi’s Sanctioned Generative AI to build customer love like never before.”

Puneet Mehta, Founder and CEO of Netomi

Ways of working



Interacts directly with
customers to fully resolve
repeatable requests without
involving live agents.



Assists agents in resolving
more complex issues by
automatically gathering
necessary information and
drafting personalized replies.



Proactively monitors for
new automation potential,
tags and routes requests as
needed, and mines
customer interactions for
business insights.

What it means for our agents


AI technology empowers CX agents with cutting-edge tools, granting them the superpowers needed to enhance support.



By efficiently eliminating repetitive tasks, AI enables CX agents to redirect their focus toward higher-value work.



This transformation results in CX agents becoming Awesome Agents, thereby setting an elevated standard in Customer Experience.


Netomi's Differentiators

Goal-driven, Sanctioned Generative Al and Workflow


Auto-pilot and Co-pilot modes

End-to-end integration with current systems. 100+ integrations included

Omnichannel conversational experiences everywhere, including email


Proactive engagement capabilities and predictive care

Support in over 100 different languages


Why Netomi is the right fit for Awesome CX?

Netomi AI stands out with its singular focus on the CX industry, unwavering commitment to security and brand safety, and a versatile range of AI applications tailored for CX, making them an exceptional partner for Awesome. In the current landscape, achieving a shared objective of outstanding customer experience is more attainable than ever. This is made possible by empowering our CX agents with the essential AI tools, enhancing their capabilities and effectiveness.

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