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Five Reasons Clients Love Working with Awesome CX

Five Reasons Clients Love Working with Awesome CX

As an award-winning customer experience company, Awesome CX is always looking to innovate in the way we work with our brand partners, many of whom are fast-growth startups in various stages of their lifecycle. 


We know that consumers today have a plethora of options— they are exposed to over 10,000+ brands every day. More than 75 percent of consumers have experimented with a different shopping behavior during the Covid crisis. Marketing and price are no longer the biggest differentiators. Instead, it is the conversations brands build with their customers: interactions that create value for the customer. PwC research shows that consumers are willing to spend up to 16 percent more for a better experience. Personalized attention is more important than ever before, but especially to the companies in the DTC (direct-to-consumer space.)


With many (if not all) of our clients in the DTC space, we recognize the importance of customer service better than any of our peers in the industry. We also understand how painstakingly complicated customer service contracts can be and how many companies in our industry promise one thing and deliver something else. At Awesome CX, we promise our brand partners that the process of working with us will be transparent, efficient and predictable for our clients. 

Here are five ways in which we work with companies that encapsulates our promise to brand partners:


  • Flexible and agile teams: Many of our clients are fast-growth startups that experience increased seasonal demands during certain events - for eg. Valentines’ Day, Halloween or the holiday season. It is essential for those companies to be able to ramp up or down the number of customer service associates based on these changes that are not always predictable and planned. Many in the customer service industry require a long advance notice but Awesome is able to quickly pivot and make the changes to the teams as necessary. All our clients have steady core teams, but we can add personnel with a 24-hour notice. 


  • Predictable pricing: Most BPOs and outsourcers have a menu of prices that includes charges by the hour and per head, and extra costs for set-up, training, holiday increases and benefits. At Awesome, we keep it simple and predictable so our clients can worry about their business instead of customer service contracts. We don’t charge extra for any of those things - our prices are per head and we follow all the labor laws. We charge our customers a fair price per head and we pay our associates good salaries with benefits, all of which ensures we attract the best talent in the market and have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry - 22 percent.


  • Dedicated teams: At Awesome, every brand partner (no matter how small or big) gets a dedicated team of customer services associates who serve as an extension of the company’s team and mirror their culture (we don’t act like an outside vendor). This structure allows our associates to build relationships with the brand partner teams, ensuring a collaborative and seamless workflow as well as job satisfaction for our associates. Our rigorous recruiting process includes verbal and written comprehension tests and a screening process to ensure the associate is at the right skill level and a cultural fit for the brand partner. Most importantly, the brand partner lead has the final say in whether an associate is assigned to their team. If an associate is not interested in the brand partner’s product or service, or doesn’t understand the company’s culture, they will not be on that particular team. This approach ensures that our associates have job satisfaction. which of course translates to our low attrition rate. Some Awesome employees have stayed with us for up to 10 years which is unheard of in our industry.


  • Dedicated Customer Success Director (CSD): Each one of our brand partners is assigned a designated CSD whose experience, skills and personality matches the company well. CSDs are the ultimate trusted advisor to our brand partners, charged with ensuring that all their customer service needs are met consistently and cohesively. Not only do CSDs help get a project started, but continue to anticipate the brand partner’s needs on an ongoing basis; proactively provide solutions; and serve as a brain bank to their partner’s teams. CSDs are also involved in the recruitment of Awesome associates and in ensuring that all reports are delivered to our partners in a timely manner. CSDs make sure that our brand partners’ needs are met and that issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Our CSDs all come from a variety of different backgrounds (from the internet industry) and their skills and experience are a key differentiator when it comes to our peers and competitors. 


  • Experience and network: Based on our experience working with over 120 hyper-growth companies, we have developed strategies and blueprints that allow us to serve our brand partners in the most efficient manner. If any of our brand partners has a challenge or issue they need to resolve, we can quickly tap our blueprints to find the right solution. Having worked with companies in various stages of growth - from startup to acquisition - we know what it takes for a company to succeed with their customers in each stage of a startup’s growth and evolution. We have scaled up teams from 2 to 200, so no challenge is too big for our associates. Additionally, our CSDs have a network of connections they can use to foster relationships between our different brand partners as needed and requested. We gladly facilitate introductions between our brand partners if it's mutually beneficial for both sides - and this perk is not even something we charge for! 

If you are a company looking for the perfect customer service partner and you want to work with us contact Awesome CX to get started today!