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Customer Experience Outsourcing

How to Improve Customer Experience Through Outsourcing

Savvy business leaders today understand the importance of delivering cutting-edge customer experience and kick-ass service every time. It’s simple: provide excellent products and services that are friendly, effective, and fast, and watch your revenue grow. 

It sounds easier said than done. It takes the proper tools, expertise, and strategic planning to deliver an exceptional customer experience consistently. Businesses of all sizes have turned to outsource customer service to call centers that focus on servicing their customers. 

Let’s go over the importance of customer experience and outsourcing your service function to a call center. 

What Does Customer Experience Mean?

The customer experience (CX) is the buzzword around many successful businesses. It defines the customers' level of satisfaction from start to finish with the brand. Every touchpoint with a customer adds to or takes away from their experience. 

Think about all the ways customers interact with your brands, such as talking to a support agent through the phone, email, or social media. Customer experience also includes the ease of purchasing and satisfaction of the product. 

All parts of the buying process add to the customer experience. 

The Outsourcing Customer Experience 

Outsourcing customer service has proven to be a great choice as it helps your company deliver a positive customer experience. A call center with experienced professionals specializing in customer service will handle all of your customer inquiries through phone, email, online chat, SMS, and social media 24/7. Most importantly, they satisfy the needs of your customers on your behalf.

Always having agents ready to help your customers quickly definitely adds to a positive experience with your brand. 

Outsourcing customer service gives a business the upper hand by improving the efficiency of their customer service duties while remaining focused on their core business functions and growth. 

When thinking about outsourcing customer service to provide a better experience, remember the importance of company culture. Every company has its own culture, goals, beliefs, and attitudes. Keep in mind when outsourcing customer service, a third party will communicate with your customers. 

You'll want to ensure the customer service outsourcing provider you choose has a similar culture or mimics yours when talking with your customers. If your company vibe is upbeat with a millennial tone, then to deliver the best customer experience, the provider must do so too. 

Your company's image is portrayed a particular way from when someone sees an ad that hooks them. Let's say your company website and culture are light and fun while remaining professional. 

Then, your customer calls into your call center for support only to get a super serious monotone agent. It will be confusing for the customer and take away from their positive experience. 

Get the gist? When outsourcing customer experience, ensure your company culture gets modeled to build strong relationships with your customers. Having a dedicated customer service call center to satisfy your clients' needs adds to a great customer experience with your brand. 

Why Does Customer Experience Matter so Much?

Not that consumers today are spoiled. It's just that they have experienced what an exceptional customer experience is like from other companies, so the bar is set high. 

If you want to stay in the game or dominate your industry, you must deliver an awesome customer experience consumers want.

The truth is happy customers are a tremendous asset to a company. Satisfied customers will return to your brand to buy again, even if you're not the lowest cost option. Pretty sweet, huh? 

When someone knows they will have a positive buying experience, they stick with the same brand for that reassurance. Maybe it's because we've all experienced a poor buying experience in the past.

Customer experience matters because it gets people talking about how much they love your brand. Happy customers:

  • Tell friends and family about their positive experience with a brand
  • Write favorable reviews online for the world to see 
  • Become brand advocates doing free marketing for your brand
  • Return to spend more money with your brand
  • Add to the success of your company

So, if you want to stand out from your competition and create a buzz in the community – focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience every time, without fail. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Experience 

Outsourcing customer experience is putting this critical function in the hands of the experts who strategically implement the best practices to wow your customers with an exceptional buying experience. 

A reputable outsourcing customer service provider has been through trial and error and knows what it takes to deliver a fantastic customer experience. 

Let's go over all of the benefits of outsourcing customer service. 

1. Reduce Cost

Lowering cost is the top reason business leaders turn to outsource customer service. Outsourcing customer service avoids the need to fork out money for office space, technology, hiring and onboarding workforce, supplies, and salaries. 

Outsourcing customer service is a proven strategy to get the job done for less money. A business can then invest more back into their business to grow. 

2. Better Customer Experience 

When you outsource customer service, you have a dedicated team that solely focuses on satisfying your customer's needs quickly to ensure they're happy with your brand and return. 

Outsourcing customer service means your clients have access to help 24/7 through all common channels, such as phone, email, SMS, social media, and online chat. 

Making customers wait for service takes away from a positive experience with your brand. All the remarkable technology we have today has made consumers have high expectations. They expect their buying process and customer support to be fast and easy. 

Outsourcing customer service allows your company to meet or exceed its expectations. 

3. Increased Focus

By outsourcing customer service, a business can remain focused on the core functions and implement growth strategies. Customer service is a time-consuming full-time job and can take away from focusing on other business areas. 

Not that it's out of sight, out of mind – it's peace of mind.

4. Improve Efficiency 

Reputable outsourcing customer service providers have the latest technology that improves efficiency and positive customer experience. Let's face it, we live in a tech-savvy world, and consumers expect a company to have the latest technology available to ensure their buying experience is effortless. 

When a company keeps all business functions in-house, they risk the need of their employees to multitask to get everything is done, which just isn't effective

Outsourcing customer service and other tasks allow staff to be super-efficient by giving all of their time and attention to the job in front of them. 

5. Increase Productivity 

Outsourcing is an all-hands-on-deck approach to running a business, and a third-party company handling your business functions increases productivity with little effort on your end. 

6. Scalability

If you're like most business leaders, you're always thinking about company growth. When you outsource customer service, you can scale with ease without all the extra pouring a bunch of extra work and resources into it. 

Just be sure you choose an outsourcing provider capable of handling any volume you need successfully. 


A significant focus on the customer experience is not just a trend. It's what's needed to retain customers and keep the revenue flowing. Outsourcing customer service is an excellent strategy to ensure your customers get the time and attention they need to keep them happy with your brand. 

Delivering an exceptional customer experience isn't a walk in the park. It's a science that requires implementing effective strategies, technology, and availability. Outsourcing customer service helps you get the upper hand from competition that might struggle to handle the critical function in-house. 

Is your business ready to outsource customer service to deliver an outstanding customer experience and grow? If so, contact Awesome CX today. 



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