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Get Ahead of Your NFT Projects Customer Service

Get Ahead of Your NFT Projects Customer Service

Before you drop your new NFT project, you’ll want to ensure it stands out and the crowd gets excited about it. Part of being ready to release your project includes having a team in place to handle your NFT customer service inquiries. 

There are millions of NFTs available; making a lot of noise when you launch is the goal. But, things can quickly fall apart if your team is not prepared to deliver the level of service needed to the volume of users you have. 

Let’s go over how to get ahead of your NFT project’s customer service to ensure success.

What is a Non-fungible Token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that’s non-interchangeable. Its unique identification codes and metadata gets stored on a blockchain. There are a few types of NFTs, including digital files including images, videos, and audio. Each token is unique, which makes NFT’s differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies. 

In a nutshell, NFTs are unique pieces of digital art that cannot be duplicated. They get their uniqueness and value from their records stored on a public ledger on blockchains. No one can make changes to NFTs parts except the creator. 

Importance of NFT Customer Service

You’d hate to spend all the time and money crafting the perfect NFTs, hit the market, and struggle to provide the service your customers need. Your brand and image are on the line, so you must ensure you have an experienced and capable team ready to help. 

Some NFT creators have received a bad rap for not delivering adequate customer service because they were not ready for the volume. For sure upset customers cause a negative rippling effect, so it’s best to do your best to provide service effectively and quickly to keep your customers happy. 

Of course, the ultimate goal is for your NFT project to explode instantly. So you have to expect to get hit with high volumes of customer service through multiple channels. If your team isn’t ready, chaos can kick in fast. 

NFT customer service call centers have the infrastructure, technology, equipment, and workforce in place, experienced and ready to go. After some training on your NFTs, customer service agents can get set up to tackle your support needs. 

What You Should Know About NFT Customer Service

Satisfying customers' needs successfully and quickly can be difficult without the right processes and team. Rather than launching your NFT and then scrambling to put together and train a customer service team, get started early so your project doesn’t flop. 

NFT customer service needs a few things to be effective. How you set up your customer service team is critical. Your NFT customer service agents need the proper training and software to run smoothly. 

You also need the correct workforce to meet the demand. Outsourcing your NFT customer service is an excellent decision since they are already set up to tackle the job. 

Things to Keep In Mind When Developing Your NFT Customer Service Team:

Experience and expertise – A group of experienced and trained professionals who deliver service to NFT customers is invaluable. It will save you a lot of disruption and headache. They should know how to perform the KYC process, which includes:

  1. Identify the customer’s true identity through verification
  2. Understand the funding source and activities of the customer
  3. Track and monitor transactions

Your NFT customer support team should be knowledgeable in delivering excellent care and technical support. Ensure the proper training is completed before you drop your NFT project. 

Your NFT customer service team should know how to troubleshoot and quickly identify issues and hopefully have the expertise to resolve them. 

Flexibility – You need an NFT customer service team that can effectively handle any volume of support inquiries thrown their way. In time with tracking your analytics, you will have a better understanding of your peak times to ensure your staff is beefed up during those hours. An NFT customer service team that can seamlessly scale as needed will save you a lot of time and headache in the long run. 

It’s beneficial to have NFT customer service professionals that are open to change and learning new things and can adapt to support your customer’s unique needs. After all, we are dealing with non-fungible tokens.

Security – Your NFT customer service team will be handling financial transactions, so they must be honest, confidential, and have the right security measures in place to protect your business and customers. Ensuring your NFT customer service team is completely secure at all times is critical. 

An NFT customer service call center typically has all the security protocols and tools in place, but you must confirm to protect your project and customers. One security breach can be detrimental. 

Knowledge Base – Creating a knowledge base for both your customers and the NFT customer service team helps quickly find answers to commonly asked questions. It will save a lot of time and confusion, which will help satisfy your customer’s needs quickly.  

Keys to Launching NFTs Successfully

  • Store your NFTs digital files on a public cloud and the metadata stored on a decentralized server too
  • Have your NFT customer service team set up with the proper tools, training, and expertise before hitting the market 
  • Know your risks
  • Increase customer engagement 
  • Think about recurring revenue potential 
  • Choose a blockchain and marketplace 
  • Write NFT smart contracts
  • Establish a marketing plan

When thinking about your marketing strategies for your NFTs, ensure you have a plan to excite the community. Getting people excited and talking about your NFT is the key to super success. 

A few ideas to get come out with a bang and make a lot of noise with your NFT project:

  • Create a website
  • Set up your social media channels with content ready to go viral 
  • Engage with the community via social media 
  • Create promotional content, including images, videos, and written content 
  • Run exciting giveaways
  • Reach out to influencers and ask for their support in exchange for NFTs
  • Add your newly released project to the NFT calendar 

Background of NFT’s

Let’s talk about the history of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens started getting attention back in 2014 when the first NFT, “Quantum,” sold for $1.4 million. The NFT record was crushed, by a lot, when “Everyday's – The First 5000 Days” was sold for a shockingly $69.3 million

The NFT subsector is the fastest growing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, so getting into this market is exciting. Experts predict every business will have an NFT strategy in the next decade so getting ahead of the even bigger boom is an excellent idea. 

By the end of 2021, the NFT trading volume hit $23 billion as they became increasingly popular in the art and collectibles scene. 

Summing It Up

Getting your NFT customer service set up early will help your team be ready to back up your NFTs and maintain a positive image for your brand. Ensure the proper training, tools, and procedures before launching to avoid chaos with any high volumes of support inquiries. 

When setting up your NFT customer service, ensure they’re able to scale as support needs fluctuate. After your NFT project launches, hit the ground running with effective marketing to get the buzz going and people talking. 

Are you ready to set up an awesome NFT customer service team? If so, contact Awesome CX today.



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