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Outsourcing To Improve Inbound Call Conversion

Outsourcing To Improve Inbound Call Conversion

Opportunity is the greatest word in business. Those companies who are able to find opportunities and capitalize on them experience substantial rewards. Inbound calls to your call centers and stores are just that — opportunities.

This article will examine some of the various ways that outsourcing inbound call centers can create more opportunities for you to convert inbound calls into sales and higher customer retention rates. These conversion opportunities can have an enormous impact on your annual revenues and profits.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing simply involves the process of offloading some or all of a service, department, or function from within your company to an outsourcing partner. Choosing the right partner is what makes the difference between success and failure.

Nearly all companies outsource to some degree. Take it from large companies like Microsoft and Nike that outsource — it's a vital component of successful business operations. Outsourcing is most often linked with the manufacturing and assembly of products, but it can involve almost any aspect of a business.

For instance, many companies outsource their human resources department, accounting, legal services, customer service, recruiting, training, and so much more.

How Can Outsourcing Improve Inbound Call Conversions?

We believe that outsourcing, when done smartly, offers your company far more benefits than it does negativity. Therefore, we’ll only focus on how the pros of outsourcing influence and benefit your inbound call conversions.

For the sake of time, we’re going to skip the cost-saving and manufacturing pros of outsourcing and focus on just two of the other benefits — access to talent and enhanced customer experiences! These two benefits of outsourcing are what translate into higher inbound call conversions.

How Does Access To Talent Improve Inbound Call Conversions?

Access to global talent is a significant benefit of outsourcing and should never be overlooked. Oftentimes, companies are restricted by their territorial and geographical locations. A small business in the middle of Arkansas, for instance, will not have the same talent pool to recruit from as a company in New York City does.

As a result, outsourcing sales and call center agents means you’ll be gaining access to talent from all over the world. When you choose an outsourcing partner that specializes in providing enhanced customer service experiences, such as Awesome CX, you go into that partnership with the confidence of knowing they hire talent that is specialized in the one thing you want to accomplish.

In other words, instead of wearing many hats, these talent resources master one thing — providing excellent customer service with a sales growth mentality and mission.

How Do Enhanced Customer Experiences Improve Inbound Call Conversions? 

We discussed the importance of opportunities in business at the outset of this article, and this is a prime example of why. When a customer calls your inbound call center, they are most likely calling with a question, issue, or concern.

Whether the nature of the call is positive or negative, it’s an opportunity to connect with your customer, resolve their issue, remind them why they do business with you and uncover if there are other ways your company can help them accomplish their goals through new sales.

Some may call this going the extra mile or above and beyond. Instead of wasting the opportunity, your outsourcing partner can capitalize on it. It’s an opportunity to turn a dissatisfied customer happy and a satisfied customer even happier.

Every contact you have with your customers is an opportunity to make another sale, such as through upselling or cross-selling products.

Why Awesome CX?

Simple: We’re very awesome at providing excellent customer service focused on being an extension of your company’s culture and mission. We provide dedicated teams to help alleviate many of the cons of outsourcing you could experience with the wrong partner. We offer straightforward contract pricing to give you cost control and predictability.

Contact us to discover how we can amplify your inbound call conversion statistics and take your sales conversion strategy to the next level!


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