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5 BPO Services You Can Use In Your Business

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has grown immensely over the past decade as companies worldwide realize the huge benefits it brings. From small startups to large corporations, every business benefits from business process outsourcing

An outsourcing company helps businesses focus on pressing tasks and eliminates day-to-day hassles and labor costs while creating a simpler and profitable business model.

BPO allows businesses to:

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Focus on core tasks
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve efficiency 

What is BPO?

Simply put, business process outsourcing is when a business hires a third-party company to complete certain business operations. A BPO company helps organizations to reach their goals while improving their bottom line. 

BPO services act as part of the business operations but at their own office handling the tasks. BPO providers help with front-office and back-office functions.

There are two categories of services provided by BPO service providers:

Front Office Outsourcing

Front office services are processes that require interaction with clients and consumers directly. These services primarily include customer support and marketing.

Back Office Operations

Back-office services include internal business functions like administrative tasks, order processing, technical support, and payment processing. 

6 Best BPO Services

While BPO handles almost any business function, there are common tasks that are extremely beneficial to outsource. 

Some tasks outsourced are a one-time need, while others are long-term, day-to-day functions needed for a business to run successfully. 

Customer Support Call Center

As your business grows, your customer support needs grow. The truth is, businesses lose $75 billion due to poor customer service. Customer service is one of the most important parts of a business. 

Rather than hiring an entire team in-office to take all of your customer inquiries, outsource it. Consumers expect support through multiple channels, including phone, SMS, live chat, social media, and email. 

Providing excellent service is a must if you want happy and satisfied customers who return to purchase time and time again. And let’s face it, nobody wants to wait around for service to get a question answered or an issue fixed. 

Customer support is a common BPO activity as they focus solely on servicing your customers and typically 24/7, which is a huge benefit. 

Data Entry

Data entry is a simple task but an extremely time-consuming and sometimes tedious one. Completing data entry tasks typically are not a productive use of your time. 

Using a BPO service to complete these time-consuming tasks is an excellent choice so you could focus on more core activities. 


There are many back-office tasks BPO services complete, including bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, order entry, payroll, and logistics. There are specialists at these business functions making outsourcing a wise choice to ensure these vital tasks are completed correctly. 

Web and Software Development

Creating websites, applications, and software requires a certain skill set, expertise, and core competencies not found on staff with many companies. These skilled professionals are pretty pricey to hire full-time in-office, making them perfect tasks to outsource. 

Utilizing a BPO service for these critical functions means you have access to experts that will keep your business up to date with the latest digital trends at a fraction of the cost. 

Marketing and Creative Design

Keeping your business in front of consumers with creative marketing to stand out from your competition and grow is a continuous strategic task needed for every business. 

A BPO service has experts who know what’s required to grab the attention of your target market and get them to respond, making it a smart task to outsource. 

Human Resources (HR)

Creating job descriptions, posting help-wanted ads online, sifting through applications, and conducting interviews is a full-time job for some businesses, which is why many are turning to BPO services for their hiring needs. 

The BPO service will do all of the leg work for you and present you with the top candidates that meet the needs of your open position and your company culture. Then, you could choose who you feel would be the best fit for your business.

Other Types of BPO

  • Legal process outsourcing
  • Knowledge process outsourcing
  • Procurement services
  • Certain healthcare services
  • Information Technology (IT) services
  • Financial Services
  • Data analytics
  • Nearshore outsourcing
  • Offshore outsourcing
  • Onshore outsourcing
  • Domestic outsourcing

3 Benefits of BPO Services

Cost Savings

Cost savings is one of the biggest benefits that draw businesses to a BPO vendor. When a business can maintain quality while improving its bottom line, it can invest the extra savings back into the company. 

Focus on Core Functions

Outsourcing some of the necessary tasks allows employees to have the time to focus on more pressing tasks and the core functions of their business. The extra time enables business leaders to plan company growth, additional products or services, or other strategic tasks that will add to the company’s success. 

Access to Skilled Talent

Many of the commonly outsourced tasks require a certain skill set to handle. Utilizing a BPO service gives you access to skilled professionals without breaking the bank. 

It also gives you access to a higher skill level than you may find if you tried to hire a professional in-office to complete the task. 


There are many BPO services that you can use in your business. Some tasks may be a one-time need, but others, like customer support, are a constant long-term need. Professionals skilled at providing excellent first-class customer support will wow your customers, so they become loyal to your brand. 

A BPO service will help you complete the necessary tasks needed to run and grow your business. The cost savings could be substantial, leaving you additional funds to invest back in your business to grow and improve your bottom line. 

Are you in need of BPO services to help streamline your processes and take your business to the next level? If so, contact AwesomeOS today; we are the BPO team you need! 



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