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6 Best Countries to Outsource Web Development

6 Best Countries to Outsource Web Development

Outsourcing web development is so popular because of all the advantages it provides. But you should know, not all providers are created equal. If you want to reap the awesome benefits of outsourcing web development, you must choose the right provider. 

While you could outsource your web development projects to almost any country nowadays, some are known for providing the best outsourcing partnerships. Let’s look at the best countries to outsource web development and the benefits it brings. 

Criteria That Makes The Best Country to Outsource web Development

When choosing a country or company to outsource your web development to, you’ll want to know what to look for. 

Not all countries are created equal, and the same goes for each company. Some of the criteria that make the best place to outsource web development is:


Lower costs are the primary driving factor for a business to choose to outsource web development. Many countries offer a lower cost of living than in the US which means companies there have less overhead expenses and offer more affordable services. 

They also have lower wages, so the rates to utilize the expertise of top talent won’t break the bank.

Developed Technology

When looking for a place to outsource web development, you want to pick a country that provides up-to-date technology and innovative programs. The internet makes it extremely easy for consumers to choose to purchase from many companies. 

To stand out and crush your competition, you must have a website that is user-friendly, creative, modern and converts website. 

Some countries fall short when it comes to staying up-to-date with technology, and it shows with the products they put out. When searching for the best place to outsource web development, you’ll want to choose a forward-thinking country that provides creative and innovative solutions.

Technical Skill Level 

The truth is, some countries don’t offer adequate education when it comes to software and web development. 

You’ll want to choose a place that provides excellent training and resources as you will find a higher skill set when it comes to web development. 

Language Barriers

When outsourcing web development to another country, it’s best to choose one where English is fluent by many. Nothing can damage an outsourcing partnership more than poor or miscommunication. 

You will find some countries have many fluent speaking citizens, and some even adopt the western culture. Culture involves attitudes, values, and how people communicate and work together. When you choose a place to outsource web development, it’s best to partner with a company with a similar culture to make for a smoother business relationship. 

When you have excellent communication with your web developer, you can clearly define your needs, wants, and expectations, so you are satisfied with the final product. 

Speaking the same language as your web developer means you can collaborate with them to develop a website that works best for your business. 

Time Zone

The time zone difference is something to keep in mind when looking for the best place to outsource web development. When outsourcing to another country, there could be a five-hour or more difference in time affecting communication. 

If you choose a company to outsource web development to that has a significant time difference, you’ll want to ask how you should contact them and the best times for doing so and vice versa. 

You will want to express how and when you want to receive updates or communication about your project to ensure a smooth working relationship. 

Best Countries for Outsourcing Web Development

1. The Philippines

The Philippines has miles of beautiful white sandy beaches. They also have an excellent hard working talented workforce that delivers creative, high-quality development projects. Outsourcing web development to the Philippines is a viable choice for many reasons. First, the majority of Filipinos speak fluent English, making it easy to communicate with the developing team. 

Another reason the Philippines is an excellent place to outsource web development is that Filipinos have adopted the Western culture and have similar interests, which makes it easier to collaborate with them on projects. 

The Philippines have one of the best higher education systems in all of Asia. You will find highly trained and experienced developers that create innovative software and websites quickly. The country offers a lower cost of living, and their salaries are less than in the US, so outsourcing providers offer services at a budget-friendly rate. 

The lesson here is that the Philippines is an excellent choice to outsource web development since you can access knowledgeable and experienced developers who speak English at an affordable rate. 

In fact, Manila, the country’s capital, has been ranked second best city for outsourcing in the world. 

2. China

China is the largest outsourcing provider in general and one of the top countries for IT outsourcing. The annual revenue for software and IT services continues to grow as they continue to provide advanced technology by highly skilled developers. 

Education in China has a focus on high tech. They see a substantial amount of IT graduates annually, so there’s no shortage of quality web developers. The number of English-speaking workforce in China is growing, so the gap in language barriers when communicating with Chinese developers is closing. 

The cost of living is low in China, so labor is cheap, allowing companies to offer low rates on web development. 

To protect your business and investment, when you outsource to a Chinese company to protect your business and investment, be sure to work with a reputable one and have a written contract outlining all the project details to protect your business and investment. 

3. India

India is the leading IT outsourcing country bringing in billions of dollars annually – and continuing to grow. What’s most attractive and what draws in the high revenue is their low rates for web development. 

Large tech companies such as Microsoft outsource to India. Their reduced costs and skilled labor make India the country of choice for outsourcing web development to many. Another perk is India comes in second for the largest English-speaking country, eliminating language barriers. 

India’s abundant cheap labor by competent, experienced professionals makes it a competitive market for web developers. A business's benefit is hiring a dedicated developer who will work hard to satisfy their web development dream. 

4. Ukraine

Their educated and professional talent makes Ukraine a chosen country to outsource web development. Ukrainians ability to create quality software and web development at a decent cost is attractive to many business leaders. 

When you outsource to Ukraine, language barriers are present as only a small percentage of their workforce speak English. Still, they deliver quality work, so many companies choose them for their web development projects

Their outsourcing market is growing, and they have an increasing number of IT graduates getting into the workforce, so the industry is projected to increase continually. Their outsource web development rates are higher than in China, the Philippines, and India

5. Poland

Poland has some of the most skilled programmers in the world, ranking in the top five in most cases. Students from all over Europe seek education in Poland for their excellent training in IT. 

Only about 30% of Poland’s population speaks English, so language barriers are commonly present when working with an outsourced web development team. Polish developers have shown to have an excellent work ethic and deliver high-functioning creative web projects. 

With a diverse development labor force, talented developers, and an affordable pricing structure Poland is the chosen place to outsource web development by many. Most can handle simple to very complex projects. 

6. Romania

Romania is a place to outsource web development for a few reasons. The country offers citizens access to free education, which has been the stepping stone to some of their thousands of IT outsourcing workforce. 

While Romania’s IT outsourcing market is less than in Poland or Ukraine, they’ve proven to have a talented and capable workforce when it comes to web development. Only a small percentage of Romania’s population speak English, so communication poses an issue when outsourcing there. 

Large organizations such as Dell and IBM have outsourced work to Romania. With its growing IT market, Romania is expected to continue to be one of the top places to outsource web development

Best Countries to Outsource Web Development to Based on Cost

If cost is a top priority for your web development project, places like Ukraine, Poland, and Romania are probably not your best bet. The Philippians, China, and India offer the lowest cost when it comes to software or web development or any IT project. 

Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better when looking for the best place to outsource web development. You’ll want to shop for the highest quality for the best price. Re-doing a botched web development project is time-consuming, costly, and can be a huge headache. Some companies in every country deliver lackluster products for super cheap. 

You’ll want to be sure the company can deliver the modern and user-friendly site your business needs. Since the cost of living is low and quality education is available in the Philippines, China, and India, there is no shortage of quality expert developers that deliver high-quality web development at a low rate.

Outsource Web Development Cost

When looking for the best place to outsource web development, you will see significant savings to outsourcing to another country compared to the US. The amount you’ll save varies based on location, expertise, and the company you choose. 

The complexity of your web development project is a factor that determines the fees. Some projects require a specific skill set that needs an advanced developer to tackle, and it’s going to cost you. Thankfully, when you outsource web development, you can choose a place with highly skilled developers at a lower cost to save you money while getting what you need. 

It’s critical to not only pay attention to the cost of a web development provider. The pace you choose to outsource to needs to have the resources, programs, expertise to get the job done successfully without fail. 

Best Practices of Outsourcing Web Development

Web development outsourcing isn’t just a trend; it’s an excellent business strategy that has proven time and time again to add many benefits and give companies a competitive advantage. But that’s not without some hiccups. Many outsource relationships have gone sour for a variety of reasons. 

Let’s look at the best practices for outsourcing web development to ensure your experience is a success. 

1. Overly Communicate

Poor communication is probably the number one problem when it comes to outsourcing. Sometimes a language barrier is to blame, but that’s not always the case for others. When working with an outsource web provider, you must ensure you have excellent communication from both parties. 

When meeting with your web developer, it’s best to overly communicate what you want your site to look like, the features you want to see, and how it functions. The more data you provide them, the more likely they will deliver the site you’ve imagined. 

You’ll want to ask the web development team the best means to contact them about this project and the best hours. Remember, there’s likely a big time difference between you and your outsourcing provider. Getting communication methods and times locked down before they get started will help with a smooth working relationship. 

Some companies offer meetings via video through programs such as Skype, while others solely communicate through email and phone. The issue you may run into when scheduling meeting times that works for all is the big time difference you probably have with any overseas provider. 

You may need to stay up late or wake up early to virtually meet with your developing team. But all good things have some drawbacks, right?

2. Choose the Right Provider 

You can provide a company with all the necessary data to outsource web development projects, but things can go south quickly if they’re not the best provider for you. Web development is like creating the face of your organization and shouldn't be out in the hands of just anybody. 

When interviewing with an outsourcing web development provider, ask the hard questions. Understand their capabilities, experience, and level of expertise. Ensure they know your business, your industry, tone, and they see your vision for your site. 

You should communicate and collaborate with your web development provider with ease. If you find it difficult to communicate with the company before you sign on the dotted line, you can be sure it will be the same, if not worse, while they’re working on your web development project

When choosing the best place to outsource web development, you’ll want to pick a county and company that you feel comfortable working with and that you trust. You are putting a critical business task in the hands of a third party, which is brave. But with the right outsourcing provider, you will leave with the website or app that you’ve been dreaming up. 

3. Resources

Before you choose an outsource provider for your web development project, you’ll want to be sure they have the resources and technology to get the job done successfully and quickly. Some places that say they do web development just don’t have what it takes to develop modern sites that convert. Be sure your project will get the proper time, attention, and resources, so you end with exactly what you’ve envisioned or better. 

Ask the outsourcing web development provider which programs they use. Ask if they have the skill level needed to complete your detailed or complex site. You’d hate to be knee-deep in your web development project only to find the company doesn’t have what it takes to create what you need. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development 

The outsourcing industry is a huge market and continues to grow since many business leaders choose to outsource some of their business functions to reap the sweet benefits. Outsourcing web development projects are no different. 


It’s typically not cost-effective to hire a web developer in-house. The exception to that is if you have web development projects that will take years to complete. Otherwise, hiring a developer on payroll to complete the job is extremely costly. 

It’s not just the payroll costs; you also have the expenses of up-to-date technology, office space, and resources needed to complete your web development. 

Higher-level Expertise

In North America, hiring a highly skilled web developer comes at a high cost. When you choose to outsource web development to another country, you gain access to a higher level of trained experts to handle even the most complex software development projects at an affordable cost. 


When you have a web development need, time is of the essence. Many places where you can outsource web development have a team of developers ready and waiting to tackle their next project. 

Not to mention, some counties have an excellent work ethic, and their developers work long hours to get jobs completed fast. 


Finding a place to outsource web development helps a business remain focused on core business functions. When you pass the web development project to a credible place, you can rest assured it’s in the hands of the pros, and they will deliver high-quality work. You can then focus on other critical tasks to keep your business moving in the right direction. 

Advanced Sites

Some countries are ahead of the game when it comes to technology advancements, and it shows in the web development work they deliver. You will find web development companies overseas with many forward-thinking developers that will create a site that is so advanced and will make your business stand out from any competition. 


When looking for the best place to outsource web development, consider some of these countries as they have the experience and expertise to handle your development needs. Some countries offer first-class services at an affordable rate. 

But you must remember, not all companies within each country are the best places to outsource your web development too. You want to choose a place that has excellent communication, understands your needs and vision for your site, and has the level of expertise needed to develop your site flawlessly.  

Are you ready to outsource your web development to an awesome company with the experience and skill level your project needs? If so, contact Awesome CX today, and we’ll get started right away! 



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