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What Is B2B Outsourcing & Is It Beneficial?

B2B outsourcing, short for business-to-business outsourcing, involves sharing all or specific sales functions of your business with another business you partner with. There are various reasons why you may choose to outsource sales to another company, and there are many benefits your business can experience.

Outsourcing is not without its drawbacks; therefore, you should do your due diligence in determining whether or not it is something you should consider doing.

We understand your legitimate concerns and apprehensions, and we are here to help guide you and give you pertinent information so you and your team can make an informed decision.

Why Do Companies Outsource Sales?

There are many reasons why companies choose to outsource and partner with business-to-business sales.

  • You can access talent
  • To provide courier services
  • For better customer service
  • To eliminate startup costs and save time
  • For lead development
  • To accomplish marketing goals
  • To help with product delivery and setup
  • For better social media management
  • For technological improvements
  • To take advantage of temporary resource additions

Whether outsourcing for sales or something else, the foundational benefits of outsourcing cannot be ignored. First, outsourcing helps control and predict costs, and costs are only the beginning.

You Can Access Talent

Outsourcing to acquire new talent is a tremendous benefit. Your company may only conduct sales in a localized area, such as rural Kentucky.

Finding, recruiting, and hiring new salespersons can be costly, time-consuming, and daunting. With outsourcing, you can tap into talent from across the country or even the world.

To Provide Courier Services

Most companies sell products for other companies, such as car dealerships or vacuum sales. These other companies often require the sending and receiving paperwork such as applications.

Instead of keeping up with all of this yourself, going to the post office frequently, and verifying receipts, you could outsource to a courier service to handle this paper.

For Better Customer Service & Experience

Outsourcing your customer service needs can greatly improve and enhance the customer’s experience with your company. Happy customers like to tell their friends and families about you, which leads to increased referrals and conversions.

Successful salespersons have many clients, and their needs can become overwhelming. Connecting with a company like Awesome CX to provide those services for you can greatly improve your sales.

To Eliminate Startup Costs and Save Time

Instead of hiring more employees, developing new programs and marketing strategies, or investing in new technologies, you can outsource, save money, and avoid implementation delays.

For Lead Development

Some companies partner with other businesses for lead development, generation, and conversion. This partnership allows the company to retain control over sales and sales methods and only outsource for lead development. Examples include outsourcing cold calling practices, SMS texting, and referral networking.

To Accomplish Marketing Goals

If your company would rather focus entirely on sales and not marketing development and strategy building, outsourcing those functions creates space to concentrate on your core objectives.

Having dedicated marketing experts can be expensive in the long term. Partnering with a company that only does marketing can improve your strategies and increase sales.

To Help With Product Delivery and Setup

In sales, you cannot afford distractions from unnecessary tasks. Outsourcing the delivery and setup of your products can provide several benefits.

For instance, having an expert company specializing in installing your product gives your customers a greater experience, increasing their satisfaction.

For Better Social Media Management

Having a presence on social media is a must. However, there is an art to how you manage your social media.

For instance, certain times of the day, depending on the month, week, and year, are best to make a post. Posting at preferred times gives your post the greatest exposure. This method goes much deeper than just posting a crafty picture and message and, again, consumes valuable time that could be spent selling your product or service.

Outsourcing this service to another company can give you access to tools and knowledge you otherwise would not possess. Getting your message and product in front of the most customers for the least amount of money is paramount and a great benefit of outsourcing.

For Technological Improvements

Technology may not be on your radar. If your core competency is sales, you and your team must go out and find new business and customers and convert prospects into customers.

Expending time and resources on your in-house technology prevents you from accomplishing your sales goals. Outsourcing these services can provide you with the necessary technology and IT support without distracting you from sales.

To Take Advantage of Temporary Resource Additions

Additionally, some companies only need to outsource during specific campaigns, sales, or peak times of the year, such as holidays or special events.

You could hire enough staff to cover these peak times or outsource those needs when they arise.

What Are the Drawbacks of Outsourcing?

  • Communication barriers
  • Loss of control
  • Opposing worldviews and cultures
  • Workforce disruption

Outsourcing is not without its unique shortcomings. While this is true with almost every aspect of life, it is important to recognize that you will experience particular challenges should you outsource some or all of your business functions.

Communication Barriers

Communication barriers exist when you outsource. Communication is key to productivity and successful partnerships.

Develop strong communication bridges between you and your partner company to ensure communication failures do not disrupt your sales.

Loss Of Control

Outsourcing involves the sharing of control with another company. While you do not lose all power, there are certain functions you will no longer oversee.

For instance, you cannot control who the other company hires to perform tasks or the equipment they use. You cannot control who is assigned as a manager or leader or the hours they operate.

Choosing the company you partner with is vital to ensuring you mitigate the issues of sharing control over your business functions. Losing control may seem scary, and we get it. This is a legitimate concern to have.

That is why we make every effort to minimize these fears.

Opposing Worldviews & Cultures

Every business has its workplace culture. If your culture is drastically different from the other company’s, it will likely cause issues down the road.

Because of this, it is crucial to establish whether the company you outsource to has the intention to replicate your culture or viewpoint versus implementing their own.

Workforce Morale

If you hire extra sales reps and then consider outsourcing your sales team, you may need to let your on-staff team go. This disrupts their lives and potentially the lives of your retained employees.

It is best to avoid this scenario at all costs to reduce impacts on your workplace morale.

Is B2B Outsourcing Beneficial?

We believe outsourcing is beneficial, regardless of what is being outsourced, as long as you retain your core competencies and strengths in-house. B2B outsourcing opens up doors of opportunity otherwise unobtainable.

B2B outsourcing is the best way to improve your business. Making investments in your company through insourcing involves significant resources and requires a change in your priorities. Choosing to insource means you will have to take a step back from focusing on sales.

This is necessary because you need to implement your new development plan and start as soon as possible. Once you have, you can switch back to a sales priority. Outsourcing eliminates this need for reprioritization.

How Awesome CX Helps with B2B Outsourcing

We understand your genuine concerns with outsourcing, so much so that we have made it our mission to be more than just a company you partner and outsource with, but to become an extension and replication of your company.

What Does Awesome CX Mean For Your Company?

We will prioritize replicating your company culture, respecting your worldview, keeping open and effective communication a top priority, and eliminating unpredictable costs.

What Is the Awesome CX Process?

We strive toward excellence in all that we do. We provide a customer experience focused on hyper-growth, provide all-inclusive rates with no hidden fees, provide you with dedicated teams to ensure consistency and effective communication, and offer month-to-month agreements eliminating commitment concerns.

We would love to hear from you. Contact us today to speak with our team and discover the Awesome CX difference. Choosing the right partner is paramount, and we believe we are the right choice for your team and company!



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