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The Bouqs case study

A Blooming Success: The Seasonal Ramp Story of The Bouqs and Awesome CX

How together we dorve growth through seamless support and strategic collaboration

Who is the Bouqs?

The Bouqs Company stands as a pioneer in the eCommerce flower delivery industry, disrupting traditional supply chains by connecting consumers directly with eco-friendly, sustainable farms. Founded by John Tabis and Juan Pablo Montúfar, The Bouqs Company redefines the flower-buying experience by prioritizing freshness, quality, personalization and environmental sustainability. Headquartered in Marina del Rey, California, The Bouqs Company operates on a model that eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring that flowers and plants are delivered fresh from the farm to doorsteps nationwide. With a commitment to superior products and ethical business practices, The Bouqs Company not only offers stunning floral arrangements but also cultivates a sense of connection between consumers and producers, revolutionizing the way people think about buying flowers.

The challenge

Operating in a highly seasonal industry with peaks during holidays and other special occasions, The Bouqs Company encounters significant surges in customer inquiries and orders during these periods. The CX team at The Bouqs needed a partner that could help with rapid scaling of their customer support operations to accommodate the increased workload while ensuring consistent service quality.

The solution

Enter Awesome CX in 2018. With Awesome CX, The Bouqs initally brought on a modest team of 8 agents to help with customer experience support. Today, we have a team of over 45 agents to keep up with their growing business as well as a larger team of 150-200 agents to handle customer demands during peak periods. The nature of fluctuating business periods requires a partner that is flexible and can seamlessly keep up with adjusting business needs.

Additionally, beyond traditional customer service channels, The Bouqs Company requires support across various other functions such as social media moderation, quality assurance, training, web development, and image enhancement. Balancing scalability with maintaining quality across all support functions remains a critical challenge for the partnership.

The results


Despite the seasonal fluctuations in demand, the partnership successfully scaled The Bouqs Company’s customer support operations to meet peak periods. This scalability ensured that customer inquiries and orders were efficiently handled even during the busiest times, contributing to improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Support:

By leveraging Awesome CX’s expertise and resources, The Bouqs Company was able to provide comprehensive customer support across various channels, including voice, email, chat, and social media moderation. This enhanced support contributed to increased customer satisfaction and retention, bolstering the company’s reputation for exceptional service.