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Awesome CX Industry Spotlight: Fashion

Awesome CX Industry Spotlight: Fashion

Awesome CX’s unique approach to customer service has been built over 12 years of partnering with 100+ high-growth startups and mid-size companies in several industries spanning from retail and fashion, telehealth and everything in between. We have a diverse portfolio of global and domestic fashion brands, including men’s, women’s, premium, fast fashion and more. So what’s the key to our success in this industry? We have grown along with our brand partners and we have kept pace with the massive changes taking place in this industry over the last decade and particularly in the last few years.  

According to a recent study of the retail & fashion sector by McKinsey, digital is a clear winner in retail in 2021 and beyond. This means that fewer and fewer consumers are shopping in-store and more and more consumers are making all their purchasing decisions online. This means there are fewer in-person touchpoints over the customer journey like salespeople in brick and mortar stores. It’s even more important today that your customer service is transparent, authentic, and a key piece of your marketing strategy. The online shopping journey brings up more questions about returns, exchanges, size, fit and overall, more opportunities for fashion and retail brands to either delight their consumers or make them unhappy.  

Every customer who gets a question answered quickly, makes a seamless exchange or return, or gets a shipping snafu solved effortlessly is a customer who is more likely to stay with a brand, purchase more, and tell their community about their experience. Every step a brand takes to surprise and delight their customer with exceptional customer service is great marketing for the brand.

In this blog, we discuss how Awesome works with companies in the fashion and retail industry to ensure that their consumers remain loyal and even become brand ambassadors for them.   


  • Dedicated 24/7 Team with specialized skills: Fashion brand consumers expect to send a customer support email, chat or social message and get a quick resolution. Consider a scenario that likely happens thousands of times a day. A buyer is looking for advice on their size, a certain fit or availability of a certain hot ticket item. Companies need dedicated teams who have knowledge of fashion trends, design and fit and can help resolve these types of issues seamlessly. We vet candidates with fashion experience and/or passion for fashion in the recruitment process and provide our partners with a team of full-time employees dedicated to their account. 

  • Scalability: This is one of the most important elements for a company in the fashion and retail industry. We have worked with many hyper-growth and mid-size fashion companies in various stages of their growth and have the capability to scale any brand partners' team up or down depending on their needs. Our brands in the fashion business experience spikes in various seasonal events like the holidays or big sales but also when their targeted campaigns drive up consumer traffic.

  • Predictable pricing: Most BPOs and outsourcers have a menu of prices that includes charges by the hour and per head, and extra costs for set-up, training, holiday increases and benefits. At Awesome, we keep it simple and predictable so our clients can worry about their business instead of customer service contracts. We don’t charge extra for any of those things - our prices are per head and we follow all the labor laws. We charge our customers a fair price per head and we pay our associates good salaries with benefits, all of which ensures we attract the best talent in the market and have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry - 22 percent.


  • Cost Savings: By outsourcing customer service and management teams, fashion and retail businesses can save money, resources and the headaches of operating their own customer service functions and instead focus on design innovation, creativity and creating unique consumer experiences. 

  • Social Media Moderation: Our dedicated brand partner teams in the fashion industry are trained and set up to monitor and regulate social media content based on the specific brand patterns and guidelines.


If you are a fashion or retail brand looking for the perfect customer service partner and you want to work with us contact Awesome CX to get started today!