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Partnership announcement! Explore the future of customer-centric innovation with Netomi AI in our latest press release.


Best-in-class CX for Tech &

Creating a truly immersive and engaging experience for your customers, while providing excellent support and service. It’s no wonder our programs are considered best-in-class. Add to that a strong understanding of the industry, relentless pursuit of excellence in CX, and insights that come directly from the front lines of our business, and you have a combination that’s destined to win.


Rain or shine, we’ll be there.

When it comes to owning a product, having a reliable platform that lets your users figure out basic issues on their own, while also providing top-notch personal support for more complex situations, is your bread and butter. And that’s just on any given weekday. You have to be sure that’s what your customers are getting the best of the best, especially when it’s Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or the holiday season.


Do it the Awesome way.

Our whole thing is about making lives easier for our brand partners. We know how important it is to provide smooth experiences, which is why we try to fix things before they get broken. That’s how we decrease waiting times and propose products that customers will love. With us, every brand gets the TLC they deserve, and our attention to detail is how we make sure your customers see you in the best light. We leave no one behind – especially not frustrated or abandoned customers.


Look to the future.

Until you know why your customers are reaching out, it’s hard to predict what exactly they might need. We preempt that by always asking ourselves what drives their behaviors, noticing trends, and developing robust plans for the future. That helps both us and you improve products and services, and leaves the customer happy and loyal. As they say, if you study the past, you can predict the future.


Frontline insights.

Feedback is the bedrock of all optimization. Our pride and joy are our people working on the frontlines, directly with your customers, interacting with them and your business every day – so they know best what’s working and what isn’t. Our CX teams analyze feedback, come up with new plans, and address pain points as they go, meaning you don’t have to wait for a molehill to become a mountain before someone reacts.


Better NPS for a better brand.

Have you ever had an awesome interaction with a customer service representative that left you feeling like they did you the world’s biggest favor? That’s what we want every call, chat, email, and more, to feel like for the people that get in touch with us. And the best part is when they tell a friend about how great your brand is and recommend it to their loved ones. It’s what keeps them loyal to you and coming back for more.