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Next Level Performance.

Our organization’s workforce management process is designed to optimize the performance and productivity of our employees. We utilize various data points to ensure that the process is efficient and effective, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.

Maximizing Productivity.



We plan and budget for our workforce carefully. We create long-term forecasts for 13 months to prepare for busy times and we use NICE software for short-term forecasts to create schedules for our agents. We use various data sets to make our forecasts accurate while we track actual volumes and staffing to make sure our forecasts are correct. We adjust our plans weekly to match changes in volume and handle times. Our specialists create a plan for how many people we need at each site. We use this information to plan HR and training, and to decide where to expand.


Capacity Plan & Staffing

We use NICE to plan our staffing and budget for the future. We look at data like volume projections, contact patterns, and handle time to make accurate predictions for the next 13 months. We also consider upcoming events and our long-term business strategy. We track actual contact volume and staffing levels to make sure our predictions are correct. Once we have our predictions, we use them to plan our recruitment and training.



After the forecasts are agreed upon, our team of Schedulers creates schedules for our agents to match the forecast. This helps us provide the best customer experience while also considering individual agent preferences, such as car sharing and child care. We also factor in shrinkage, like annual leave and training, and try to plan ahead for these activities. The finalized schedules are released at least 4 weeks in advance to allow agents to plan ahead. We value the welfare of our agents as much as our customers and are committed to being a helpful, fair, and safe company.



To ensure that we are staying on track and meeting our goals, it’s important to regularly compare our targets and planned schedules with actual data. This will help us identify any areas where we may be falling behind or exceeding expectations, and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, we should also monitor employee adherence to the projections and plans. By doing so, we can ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals and contributing to the overall success of the project.



Making sure we provide the best service in the most efficient way is really important to us. We use a system called Avaya CMS to monitor what our team is doing in real time. This helps us see if they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing according to their schedule. Our managers can use this information to make quick decisions about what to do next. We also look at past data to help our advisors do better in the future. Our managers can see how well everyone is sticking to their schedule, and use this to help people improve. This is an important part of our site culture.