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Together, we're setting the new standard for awesome customer interactions

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Hear from our brand partners and the awesome results we're driving together.

At Awesome CX, we believe that building strong relationships is key to our success. That’s why customer feedback is vital to us to ensure that we’re continually providing the best services.

What our brand partners say about working with us


“The team truly cares about pair, our customers and you can see that in the service that they give.” “We put a lot into our agents and we receieve that back a lot in return. One of our top core values is that we solve customer problems and so as a customer service team it’s actually really incredible because we can see that emulated by our team every single day.”

Emily Stubbs

Associate Director of Customer Experience


We merit the same values and culture. It just makes sense [Awesome CX] is so great, outgoing and approachable. ‘I love how flexible working with Awesome CX is’

Catherine Keophanboua

Senior Co-ordinator, Customer Experience

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We see volume increases of 8-10x our normal annual off-peak volume so it’s really important for us to have the support to scale up and we wanted to build an environment where people feel like they’re working together as a team rather than in individual silos. Our agents that are supporting us are our brand advocates and they’re really the only people that are speaking with our customers on a day-day basis.

Danny Ton

SVP of customer operations and customer experience


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Our insights

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What Does White Glove Service Mean?

If a company’s customer service isn’t up to par, customers have plenty of alternatives. What’s more, most businesses are becoming aware of these changes in the market.

In fact, in a survey conducted by the CX Network on the global state of customer experience, 51% of cx practitioners agreed that consumers who were not happy were more likely to transfer brands. Hence, offering a great customer experience to your customers is crucial.

Due to this, there is an evident growth in the popularity of white-glove services. Most customers today want and expect white-glove service from companies. But what exactly is white-glove service?

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