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Partnership announcement! Explore the future of customer-centric innovation with Netomi AI in our latest press release.


The foundation of Awesome CX’s success, our culture, is now further amplified by utilizing AI. We prioritize fostering an ideal culture for our brand partners, ensuring both scalability and rigor. With Awesome AI, we can now achieve greater efficiencies and more effective customer support solutions through the power of artificial intelligence, all while maintaining meaningful relationships with customers.



There is much to unpack when it comes to AI. Automation technology, along with post-call summarization, enables agents to focus on meaningful interactions by autonomously handling routine customer queries and tasks. Advanced AI and natural language processing reduce response times and elevate customer satisfaction. This transformation empowers agents to become supercharged, delivering enhanced customer experiences and building stronger relationships. Post-call summarization provides valuable insights for continuous improvement and a deeper understanding of customer needs. We believe this combination revolutionizes customer support, setting the stage for unprecedented service excellence.



We always look to boost efficiency, which is where Co-Pilot comes in: An innovative customer support tool that collaborates with agents, providing real-time insights and personalized suggestions during interactions. It assists in understanding customer needs, handling complex queries, and building authentic connections. By streamlining the support process and taking over repetitive tasks, we believe that AI transforms agents into supercharged agents, empowering them to provide enhanced customer satisfaction and engage in more personalized interactions.



There is so much to be gained from insights, a powerful business intelligence tool that analyzes data to provide actionable feedback to our executive team. Its data visualization and advanced algorithms enable swift and informed decision-making, ensuring we stay ahead of the competition and improve business performance.


“Turning your contact center into an insights center!”

- Donald Hicks

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A unique and valuable perspective on your CX.

At Awesome CX, we know that having the right information is critical to fuel your business, resulting in optimized performance and functionality across the board. That’s why we put a premium on delivering you insights from the frontlines! We’re here to help turn your contact center into an insights center! With our help, you can gain valuable insights that will improve your products and services, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive your business forward!

Our approach is all about delivering value through customer feedback, industry learnings, and regulatory insights. We use this information to identify improvement opportunities for some of the most critical KPIs such as customer satisfaction (CSAT) and first call resolution. By working together, we can help you achieve your CX goals and improve key operations metrics, all while finding ways to reduce your costs and maximize your resources.